Thursday, July 18, 2013

The Price

Here is my entry for the 55 word challenge over at Jezri's Nightmares. This contest has the choice of three photo prompts. I chose the one below. I had a lot of fun writing this! I hope you enjoy it as well! (note: I entered it without the paragraph breaks, but thought it worked better with them. So you have the updated and revised edition...seriously, that's all I changed.)

The photo is blurry, like my memory. Even now I cling to knowing she existed. I can’t remember her face.
She’s too much to sacrifice to save the world. I don’t want to finish. I want to keep this memory, keep her.
I shudder and complete the incantation.
A tear falls on a blank photograph.


  1. This seems so much bigger, amazing the feelings you've invoked with such few words, great writing :)

    1. Thanks, Laura! It feels bigger to me too! I really liked this one! :)