Thursday, July 25, 2013


Sorry for the lateness of the results! The judge got her choices in to me yesterday, but I am in the process of moving into my new house and we don't have internet until tomorrow. :( Anyway, thanks for waiting! We had tons of fun on Tuesday and here are the results:

Christy says:

Here are my notes, followed by the winners:

The Last Minute @postupak
Completely unexpected direction, personifying minutes. A little confused about where the minutes who left the timer go (very much felt like a blank space/ empty room), but I like the interaction between them, and the different personalities they have.
Something Borrowed, something… Late Crystal Alden
A wedding, and a bride trying to be on time, except her timer is broken – and a time machine. Very good at establishing the setting (wedding) right away with just a few words thrown into the conversation – felt natural. A little confused about what the timer actually did, though, and would like that to be explored or explained a little more.
Unnamed @drmagoo
Cooking contest in a high fantasy setting. I like the details about the world, but I was really curious to know more about the “her” that the MC refers to – I got no sense of what kind of creature she is, and it caused me a little confusion. Good use of the special challenge words to make the judges more intimidating.
Grand Champion - Rebekah Postupak - for defying my expectations regarding the first line

Runner up: Crystal Alden - For high stakes, and time travel

Special Challenge Champion: drmagoo - the cooking show

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