Monday, July 29, 2013



Finish That Thought is a weekly flash fiction contest held on Tuesdays Eastern time. (The prompt goes live early at 10pm Monday night and closes 26 hours later - Midnight Tuesday/Wednesday.) The following is the long form of the rules (I was tired of having to read through it all every week to get to the contest!):

1. Any genre except erotica: Show us action, adventure, romance, mystery, scifi, and all things fantastical.

2. Nothing R-rated or above: If it'd be rated R in a movie, please don't put it up. Thanks! (Moderator reserves the right to remove entries that violate this rule)

3. Optional Special Challenge: The judge chooses a purely optional prompt in addition to the first sentence (this can include, but is not limited to, specific words, themes, actions, pictures, or objects to include in your story).

4. There will be two winners named each week: One Grand Champion and one Special Challenge Champion (they may be the same person). The judge may also award one runner up in each category. If the judge prefers, the runners-up may be named as Honorable Mentions. For every five entries over 10 the judge may name another HM.

The Grand Champion will be the judge the next week. If that person is unable to fulfill that role, it will go to the Special Challenge Champion. The Champions will receive world-wide least a shout-out on twitter from everyone about how awesome they are!

5. 500 word limit (exclusive of title): You will have up to 500 words to play with, don't go over or you will be disqualified.

6. Most of all, have fun! Try something different! Get out of your comfort zone!

7. Post your story in the comments section with your Twitter handle (or email if you don't have Twitter) and word count and be sure to mention if you've completed the requirements for the Special Challenge - we wouldn't want to accidentally miss anyone!

8. Only one entry will be judged per person per round. You may enter multiple stories, but you must indicate which one you would like to enter into the judging round. If you fail to indicate which one you want judged, the first one entered will be judged.

The judging will be posted by Thursday (hopefully Wednesday afternoon).


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  3. Please make clear (1) if the word limit includes or excludes the title AND (2) whether the title can be included in the Optional Special Challenge (include the name of one of the Seven Dwarfs, for instance)

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