Wednesday, July 17, 2013


Well that was an adventure! And I do mean ADVENTURE! Great job, everyone! :) I had tons of fun reading the entries this week! If you haven't done so go here now...spoiler alert below! Great! Now onto the spectacular judging from Mark! Comments first:

OK. In the order they appeared on Alissa Leonard's blog:

1. Laura James (@lejamez) - Running - Can you say, "Zombies!" I knew you could. Laura, I like how you captured the nightly chaos of the particular zombie apocalypse you describe in this little tale. I expect the surviving humans will be lean, mean, highly trained, exceptionally enduring running machines.

2. drmagoo (@drmagoo) - A tale of self-preservation in the future, on another world. Like very much how the no longer capable captain of the vessel solves the problem of the insubordinate underling.

3. Christy (@weylyn42) - The plants can move, and are predatory. This is one creative concept, and caught my attention. I read it several times. Each time, I like it better than before. There's a whole world here, filled with stories.

4. Michelle (@Chelle87Fox) - The start of a much larger epic. Visions of Alice and the rabbit hole, Oz the Great, the adventures of Narnia, and so many other epics that start this same way. With an accident leading the MC into another realm. Very hard not to like.

5. Bullish (@bullishink) - As with Michelle's piece, I sense the start of a much larger tale, in the vein of the movie Night At The Museum, perhaps crossed with something Indiana Jones like. Another case of "I want MOAR!"

6. Rebekah Postupak (@postupak) - Be careful who you select as the target of your bullying campaign. In which a dryad gets vengeance, and no one ever knows what happened. Let that be a lesson to all the bullies of the world that pick on those who are different.

And now the results:

I enjoyed reading them all. But the rules say I can only pick one Grand Champion, and one judges Special Challenge Champion. So, here's where I follow the rules (at least for once).

Special Challenge Champion: Michelle (@Chelle87Fox)

The piece tells the start of a story, so it's not an entire work. But it does leave me wondering where the characters have wound up. And any character named Sandstorm has got to be fun to learn about.

Grand Champion: Christy (@weylyn42)

A tale of predatory plants. How could that not win? I'm a big fan of creativity, and this struck me as perhaps the most creative of all the entries. It's a complete tale of a battle fought, and lost, in a strange world I would like to learn more about.

There you have it, gang.

On another night, I could have picked drmagoo and Rebekah. All 6 entries were fun, and having to pick just two was not fun. There are some grand ideas here, gang. Don't let them wither on the vine.

Happy Writing!

Mark (@lurchmunster)


  1. Just wanted to make sure I'm doing this correctly. I think perhaps my entry got missed this week? When specifically does the contest close on Tuesdays? I posted mine yesterday evening, thinking it would be open till midnight, but was apparently wrong. Could someone please clarify the time slots for me? Thanks!

    Congrats to the winners! :)

    1. Hey, Tamara! I'm so sorry! I don't know how you ended up on this page, but this is the second prompt ever back in July of 2013! I loved your story, but this is, unfortunately, not the prompt that is being judged this week. You were well within time limit, but just in the wrong place. ...And I have no idea how that happened.

    2. OOPS!!!! Ha! Cracks me up that I wrote something for the wrong contest!!! :) Lol. That's okay - it was more practice, and next time I'll try to check the date to make sure I'm in the present time and place. :) Thanks for letting me know! I'm glad to know the time limits as well. :)