Friday, July 5, 2013

The Portal

Here's my entry for Flash!Friday #30 (that was June 28, 2013). It was a 200 word story with a 10 word grace (mine came in at 210...shocking!) Here's the picture that prompted the fun! :) I tried to do it all in dialog this time around...I liked it, but I think I could've added a lot more with some exposition. (I would've needed a lot more words at that point though!)

Capbreton. Photo courtesy of Makunin, @ Pixabay

“Jane would’ve loved this.”

“Don’t even mention her name. If she even half-believed my calculations, she would’ve been here.”

“Maybe she’s on her way?”

“Then she’ll be late. She knew the tidal patterns and solar calendar as well as anyone. She’d listened to me a zillion times trace my research from great-great-grandfather’s letter to here. She has all the information she needs – if only she believed me.”

“She believed, Weston.”

“Please, Will. Her note said she had to leave and couldn’t explain why. That’s the lamest way to believe in someone I’ve ever heard of – quit talking about her.”

“Fine. So now what? Where’s the portal supposed to be?”

“It’s about a hundred yards that-a-way, in those ruins.”

“What? Those big blocks of things lying on the beach? How can there be a doorway on those?”

“Seriously? How can you not know this? We’ve studied this image from satellite... Oh. That was – nevermind. C’mon.”


“It sure took you fellas long enough.”

“Jane! What’re you…?”

“Will’s staying, he has a family. Plus, it’s good to have someone on this side know what we’ve done and when we may get back.”

“Where were you?”

“Gathering supplies. There’s no guarantee what we’ll find. I like to be prepared. Follow me, West, it’s time.”

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