Thursday, October 31, 2013


Wow! That was fun! I had a great time reading all the stories this week. If you missed them, go here to read them all. From the feedback you all gave me, I will be running November like every other month (since most of you aren't participating in NaNo); HOWEVER, I think I'll be allowing excerpts in addition to flash stories to accommodate NaNo participants. So, I'll see you all next week! Now, for the judging you've all been waiting for.... (thanks, Christy!)

Muses were a popular choice this week when considering the mythical creature part of the special challenge. Must be something in the air...
Also, I protest that you all made it so difficult to select winners this week – too bad I didn't have a muse to guide my way.
Taking Wing by penname24
I was intrigued to figure out what kind of creature the main character was – it was clear she wasn't human. Once you mentioned sparrows, I noticed a lot of the hints scattered in the story that helped guide to that conclusion.
Daydream Believer by Kate
Firstly, you got that song stuck in my head, thank you. I like the world set up, and would love to see the  "Daydream Believers" company in a longer work. I'm worried for Marci (and curious what the girls are going to do with her) but overall the premise seemed too large for the 500 word limit.
A Muse Thing by Jcastle316
A heartbroken muse learns her artist isn't acknowledging her contributions – I felt sad for her when she got to the dedication page. Good job at drawing emotions out.
Escaped from the Labyrinth by @patrickjstahl
A fresh take on the mythical creature, I liked the great Minotaur war that was happening. The inclusion of Christmas felt a bit forced a first, but it was tempered by the continuation of the thought – whether or not the MC's wife would put up a tree.
Holiday of a Lifetime by @MissieK
I like the alternate use of holiday. Definitely a case of mis-advertising going on with this trip, though, and I hope I never find myself on a holiday like this one.
Seeking Shelter by @CharlesWShort
An animal shelter, a love story. I like the change in the character relationship over the span of the story, and that even though they've changed, their situation hasn't.
Untitled by @drmagoo
A little girl's perfect room, complete with magic wands. I had a bit of trouble determining the age of the child (she seemed infant at first, but older later when the MC asks what "got her interested in all of this"). The ending felt complete, despite this being the shortest entry.
Muse Abuse by JM MacF
As a big fan (and long time participant of NaNo WriMo) I enjoyed seeing it make it's way into a story. The time line confused me – it read like a single letter, and it took me a second read to realize the monologue was over the course of the month. And as a WriMo, I completely empathize with having such a moody muse.
Special Challenge Runner Up:
Special Challenge Champion:
Escaped from the Labyrinth by @patrickjstahl
Grand Champion Runner Up:
Seeking Shelter by @CharlesWShort
Grand Champion:
A Muse Thing by Jcastle316

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