Thursday, October 10, 2013


What a fun week! I hope you enjoyed the stories as much as I did! If you missed them, go here to catch up before reading what the judge has to say. Speaking of which, Kate Julicher has some general comments followed by the winners! Congratulations everyone!

mysoulstears: oh, you didn't start with the right sentence! I think that means auto disqualify. :( I liked the magazines. You did a great job of showing his irritation though! Yes, it was obviously inspired by the prompt sentence; but as it wasn't included, it is disqualified. :( Sorry, Mark, for not checking earlier and letting you know before the contest ended.
storeroomoftheheart: Loved the spy drama! And I wasn't expecting it to be his boss. Liked it. I didn't understand how he knew the manhole cover shouldn't be there. 
drmagoo: love the setting! Computers, moon base, totally appeals to me. I really liked the ending too.
neilJSolanki: wow, creepy. I never even thought of that prompt as dying words but yup, that totally worked for me. Short, sweet, to the point. Well maybe not sweet.
M L Gammella: Nice setting! I thought Abe was another computer at first but aliens are awesome too. And so creepy. Didn't see that twist coming.
Jeffrey Hollar: More SF! Awesome. I like the sabotage. Good story. I think I like the AI better than the human though :)
wh1006: ah, fantasy! Very atmospheric and creepy.  Wasn't completely sure what was different about tonight's rituals. Felt like the start of a bigger piece!
Special Challenge Champion:
M L Gammella, because he doesn't just have a voice in his head he's got an alien parasite mind controller, and that's awesome.
Grand Champion: 
NeilJSolanki So short, but did something I really wasn't anticipating and made the starter line really creepy.


  1. It was fun as always. Thanks! If kosher, I'd love the opportunity to judge next week. That just sounds too fun!