Wednesday, October 2, 2013


I had so much fun reading your entries this week! Thanks for coming out and playing! If you missed them, go check out the entries here. Otherwise, on to the judging! (General comments first followed by the winners!)

Thanks to all of you for entering - I've never had to set a writing challenge before and really enjoyed seeing how one line took you all in such different directions.

Kate - I had no idea what Mya was getting done until the very end, and it was a really big surprise. The use of the word "mechanic" instead of "surgeon" or "specialist" was a great idea, as was the idea of comparing her choices to those of the contestant in the show in the background (we don't have catfish steaks here in Ireland, but I'm guessing they're not the greatest food on earth).

Penname - I'm amazed at the story you came up with from the line you were given. A support group for zombie-killers? Well, of course they'd need one when you think about it. I suspect that if the story went on longer Austine and Sterling would have an interesting relationship. I really enjoyed this, it was such a zany concept.

TestBlog - some TV producer somewhere will read this and think  "Mmmm...Dodge or Die....that's actually a good idea". If they do make sure you get the royalties. It's so believable that TV game shows will eventually end up just this crazy. I liked the idea that if we got to live forever we'd start to crave the feeling of mortality - it's very probably what would happen.

wh1006 - this is a lovely story, and Amelie is such a likeable and believable character. The description of the nerves she felt is spot-on, and it was great that despite her nerves she could see the flaws in the judges, get annoyed at their questions and be self-aware enough to think "can really feel this stupid right now?". And auditions as a TV game show is another idea which will surely come along soon. 

Special Challenge Champion:


I asked you to mention TV game shows and you set your whole story in one, a really cleverly thought-up one.

Grand Champion:


because of the amazing idea for a story, because I was kept guessing till the very end, and because of the great last line.

Thanks to all of you again for entering, and to you Alissa, for hosting it all,


  1. Congratulations, Kate!!! such a fun story and fresh concept.

  2. Wow, and thanks! This was fun, been meaning to write something for one of Alissa's stories for ages. It was a fun challenge to write something so short!

  3. I had an excellent time reading all the entries and a blast writing my piece. Thanks so much for selecting me as the Special Challenge Champion! I look forward to participating in the future. Oh, and Congrats, Kate, mighty Grand Champion! The broccoli line at the end was genius. Cheers!

  4. Congrats - there were some great ones this week!