Thursday, October 17, 2013


WooHoo! With moons exploding all over the place (literally and figuratively), it's amazing anything else was accomplished at all! But, boy, was there other stuff happening! Go check it out here if you missed it before reading what judge Neil Solanki has to say. Thanks, everyone, for sharing your stories with us!

I really did enjoy all the pieces and it was very very hard to decide the winners!

duckglow:  I love the idea of planetary technicians!  Makes me think of Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, which I’m quite fond of.  Putting the moon into the big dipper was a fantastic touch!  I’m a big fan of treating the earth like “just another meaningless part of the universe”, so to speak.

mysoulstears:  The idea of exploding the moon with colors as a graffiti artist is brilliant.  I totally love the idea that the graffiti would be there for potentially thousands of years as “solar wind erodes the paints” ever so slowly.  I wish you had run with just this idea because I loved it so much.  Very well written as well.  

M L Gammella:  This was a very endearing and creative idea.  I hadn't thought about the moon being just a small model replica for a school project!  Quite cute and way to go integrating the special challenge.  Ahh, duct tape, good old duct tape...

drmagoo:  This story, though short, was too fun.  I was really impressed with how much authorial punch was packed in so few paragraphs.  The narrator’s smug, vengeful, and almost nihilistic attitude shines through the page.  Well done.

storeroomoftheheart:  Space fighters. Wormholes. Inter-galaxy travel. Utter chaos and destruction.  Complete despair.  Hunted in the night.  This yarn has it all!  What’s not to like?

wh1006:  Ha!  Loved it.  Hell, we’re all dead anyways, might as well make...a cheesecake!!  Still chuckling as I finish writing this comment.

Special Challenge Champion:

M L Gammella because window washers and duct tape seem to be a synergy made in heaven for some reason.

Grand Champion:

drmagoo because the authorial voice just gripped me right away and the story, while short, was packed with so many subtle emotions.

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