Thursday, April 30, 2015


Congratulations! We had a fun week! If you missed any of the stories (or the one posted late and not judged), go check them out here. Finished? Great! Here's what the judge had to say:

I was really blown away by the stories this week and very grateful to you all for participating. There are some lovely twists, some great imagery and cunning and imaginative uses of the special challenge requirements.


A “Dicken” of a Block by Lauren Greene
This was a tale well told of the tyranny of expectation. It isn't easy to stay at the summit. Xavier is in a bind hoping to emulate the Great Man; it was never going to be easy. Loved the ending: ‘If the words wouldn’t come at home, then he’d go to where the words would come... to destination unknown’

Ginger Nut by Susan
Here we have the problem of Ninja the cat and the misconstrued violence. This story has us hoping for a happy outcome, it teases us with that prospect. In truth by half way, any outcome that kept both protagonists alive was to be welcomed. This cat tyranny is beautifully drawn and the final advert a hoot.

Little Book of Horrors by Emily Clayton
A bookbinder with bad news, that is unexpected. The imagery is well done ‘I watched his false teeth jiggle against glistening gums’.  The stress is real enough as the MC ‘clutches an invisible stress ball’. Things look bleak until we realise the bookbinder has muddled the order. Phew.

Special Challenge Champion

…It Was The Worst of Times by Geoff Holme
This is fantastic. Something like ten Dickens titles which is amazing. Linking things looking ‘bleak’ with ‘house’ sales was neat. Also I enjoyed he had no ‘great expectations’ and ‘whistling a Christmas carol’.

Grand Champion

The value of nothing by Foy S. Iver

Where to start? The recurring tocktocktocktock is creepy as hell. The sinister dialogue, the stockbroker’s nerves and the suspiciously calm MC, the mobile toupee getting lost on the ‘otter brown carpet’. There’s something oddly surreal in some of the dialogue. I loved this and it was a convincing winner.

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  1. Thanks for the Special Challenge Champion award. It was a really fun piece to write. Because the challenge seemed very specific (asking for THREE Dickens book titles) I wasn't sure if packing in as many as I could would be a good thing or not. (There are actually SIXTEEN titles in the story but some are very obscure: thanks, Wikipedia!)