Thursday, April 16, 2015


Woohoo!!! Great job everyone! If you missed reading the stories, go check them out here. Now you can read what the judge had to say:

Thank you to everyone who participated, and I was thrilled to see that every entry took on at least one of the special challenges. I enjoyed the stories, and thank you all for making this a tough one to judge.

by Susan @susanOReilly3
An intriguing exploration of chronic pain set to meter, and loose rhyme. I didn't realize the inherent poetry at first, but by the second paragraph, found myself falling into a sort of natural rhythm.

Heavy Cloud
by Alicia VanNoy Call   @callthewriter
A trip to an exotic land that is not all it's cracked up to be. The repetitions work well to get the reader into the feeling of the never-ending precipitation. This is a very effective piece at carrying heavy emotion.

Coffee and Donut
 By Emily Clayton @emilyiswriting
I like the playfulness of the aliens, and the novelty of how to extract knowledge from words - for us it comes so naturally. I particularly how Coffee described what the book tasted like to them.

Take Out
By Fred Yost @waidr
My curiosity is piqued as to the nature of Jade, and why she is unkillable, and also about the broader world of the mobs. This feels like a piece of a larger work, but also an inevitable conclusion bundled nicely in the presented piece.

The cross to the left
By Mark Driskill
An alternate telling of a well known tale, looking at the impact of the life (and death) of one who is normally cast as a background character. I like the parallels between this story, and the more commonly told tale.

Special Challenge Runner Up
Moments lost, like tears for rain
By David James Ashton  @davejamesashton
A great capture of the senses in a unique setting, and in so few words. The sense of loss of something so simple helps us to really understand the character.

Special Challenge Champion
Passing Storm
Lauren Greene @laurenegreene
Nice job on meeting both of the special challenges, particularly intriguing with a blind MC. I also like how you bring the idea of the storm back around as a metaphor for her experience.

Runner Up
An Act of Kindness
Geoff Leopard @geofflepard
I like this one, a story of connection, and re-connection in the rain. Plus, I have a fondness for London. I like how you managed to move away from the original feel of the rain, and make it circle around to joy.

Grand Champion
A Storm in Collar Gap
Stuart Turnbull @clivetern

Very compelling imagery, particularly along the taste and smell spectrum, and I like the slow build up to what happened. At the end I felt the mix of hope and sorrow, and the final release of the tears with the rain.

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