Thursday, April 23, 2015


If you missed any of the stories this week, go check them out in the comments section here. Back? Great! Here's what the judge had to say:

Firstly, another thanks to our gracious host for her work in arranging this weekly jolly. Secondly, thanks to the writers who ventured into this week’s prompt. Sorry your results are a little short. It reflects my growing migraine, and not your wonderful writing. 

Hollygeely - Raisin Brain
The emotional turn at the end was a nice element in this story.

Audrey Gran Weinberg - Info Desk Delight
I like the clash between logical officiousness and personal expectation.

Honorable Mention
Susan - Served Cold
A soupćon of The Devil Wears Prada here, though I would have cheered that book more had its MC plotted revenge as carefully as this one.

Special Challenge Champion
Lauren Green - Truckin’
The main thing I like about this story is that the MC is not a nice person. Great to see someone moody, mean, and selfish being written as an MC.

Runner Up
Foy S. Iver - Steer Into The Curve
Really good premise. I’d love to see this worked up into a full story.

Grand Champion
geofflepard - The Secret in the Cellar

A lot of creepiness in this. Really nicely done, with a wide open ending which lets fearful thoughts percolate.

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