Wednesday, May 28, 2014


Well, if that little romp didn't get your feet tapping and your fingers were trying to drown out the noise with fingers in your ears and a bunch of "la, la, la, las". Did you get any of the songs stuck in your head??? If you missed the musical score to the lives of some very different people, go check out the stories here. Otherwise, let's read what the judge had to say!

Mark - I like the government broadcasting music into peoples’ brains. Awesome and horrifying at once, and the ending? Eek!  Definitely a fun little SF story.

Emily - I loved the examples of the wrong soundtrack. 28 days of “Uptown Girl” - shudder! And I’m ok with not getting any actual answer to “why”. This was fun.

JM - Oooh, a straight take on the prompt. I like how you keep returning to the music and the ending was great. I guess not having the tunes match wasn’t the worst thing that could happen to Kelsi.

mysoulstears - Great examples of the wrong songs. We’ve all had those moments and they rang so true.  Plus you drew such a complete picture of this one guy’s day. Rang totally true. Nicely done.

Anonymous (365 Days of Christmas) - aww. Thanks for the Christmas in May. I get the urge to sing Christmas songs at all different times, and the way you worked this into a slice of life story with character growth and depth really worked for me.

Special Challenge Champion - Emily, for a February’s worth of “Uptown Girl”

Grand Champion - 365 Days of Christmas (Marie), for making me say “aww”

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