Thursday, May 1, 2014


Yay! Thanks to everyone for joining in the fun! I would try to alliterate something, but I didn't get enough sleep last night and my brain isn't working. You all did a much better job yesterday. I've got nothing. ;) If you missed the fun, go check out the stories here. Otherwise, let's see what the judge had to say!

What a fun time I had judging this week!  The stories were all delightful and so many of you took the prompt away from diametrically and made it your own.  I was also pleasantly surprised with how some of you met the alliteration challenge with finesse.  Thumbs up all around! 


“Danger” Dixon: Detective: I love the name, the job, and the strong, snappy voice of the character, but I was disappointed with how little detective work went on in this piece.  I’d love to know how she made the rescue!  Also, if the enclave only accepted couples, how did the dog pass the test? Haha.  But overall, a very diverting read.


Ten Shillings If It’s Fresh:  Your story screams that it is part of a larger literary work.  You have a good flow between dialogue and story.  I’ll make sure not to bump into James any time soon!  An interesting world to say the least.


Adventures In Food:  Now this is an adventure anyone can have!  I thoroughly enjoyed wandering the grocery aisles with the main character.  However, I don’t think I’ll share that diet of sugar wafers and sodas.  Very well written.


Dolled Kitten:  I sympathize with poor Adara-- I would despise having a governess like that.  I adored how you depicted waking up as an invasion of a fantasy kingdom.  The imagery was vivid and the tale well told.  I can still feel the puppy slobber on my toes!


Rooftop Romance: I chortled, chuckled, and cheered the whole way through!  Loved how you took the special challenge and made it a part of the story.  It was cute, fun, and well written.  Charlie is quite a bold boy for this being his first "real" conversation with his teammate.  Hopefully Chasidy said no to that kiss!


MurMade:  A lovely tale that read like a combination between Tom Sawyer and Treasure Island.  You have an amazing ability to create a world in just 500 words!  I actually had to double check your count and make sure it was under the limit.  Very fun. And, Marie, you win my gardening challenge! Although smashing squash shouldn't be rewarded, at least they were punished for it! :)


And now to the winners…


Special Challenge Champion: The writer who truly triumphed the trying challenge is….. writtenbetweencovers.  Your story speaks for itself.  Just brilliant.


Grand Champion:  Dolled Kitten!  Your story was a beautiful weaving of words.


Congrats to the winners and good luck to Dolled Kitten in judging next week!

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