Thursday, May 8, 2014


Thanks so much for writing! I really enjoyed the stories this week! There were a bunch of late entries, so if you missed them, check them out here. I actually had so much fun reading them that I might have to throw out a few comments of my own! :) Here are the judges comments (with a few I-can't-help-myself comments from me!):

Emily Karn -

Enjoyed the enthusiasm written in words. I could feel the mild distress. (I was totally caught up in the crash and the confusion. I wanted to know what had happened. And while the ending wasn't particularly my cup of tea, I was impressed that you used 'fantasy' in a way I didn't expect. Plus, I think you were the only story that actually put all the words in - at least on my one reading. Well done.)

Casey Rose --

Ah, my childhood imagination relived as this epic tale unravels to the not-so-extraordinary ending of a father's inability to recognize the creative potential of children's minds. I loved it through and through. (Your story is so visceral! I could feel the tension in the air and the beating of their hearts. Your language was just beautiful to read. Falling asleep waiting for aliens to come will certainly draw brothers closer. Great job!)


Wonderful scientific discoveries. His knowledge will be of vast benefit to our kind. (So much fun! I had so many more questions than you had answers. You had me completely bought in to the conundrum. Well done!)

JM MacF ----

The humor and seriousness in this man as he is under pressure is well felt. I loved it. My second favorite. (HAHAHAHA! I was invested from the beginning in the escape. The description of the alien was enough for me to guess, but not enough for a clear picture - which is fun. It was a wild from from beginning to end, and what an end! I laughed so hard. Great job!)

Special Challenge Champion: Rebekah Postupak for all of those random encounters in and out of space. (A fun and interesting take on Cupid and the disastrous effects of his meddling arrows. You painted the picture of the poor alien girl on the car to perfection and captured that balance of giddiness and understanding in her as the scene unfolded. You had me so caught up in her view of him that when he winked I even had a moment when I thought, just maybe, he wasn't the huge jerk he seemed...)

Grand Champion: Written Between Covers for that surreal planetary supernova [though it wasn't a supernova at all but still fun to say] and that hint of deceit that greets us every day. The story was compelling and breathtaking. (Yeah. What can I say? I loved it. The world-building (or destroying, I should say) was phenomenal and intriguing. Her struggle was vivid. And that betrayal at the end...)

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