Wednesday, June 18, 2014


Thanks to everyone who came out to write! If you missed any of the stories, go check them out here. Otherwise, let's read what the judge had to say:

This was a fun week, with eight (8) entries! Unfortunately for me, I have to task of picking which one I liked the most, and offering some explanation of why.

@postupak - Seriously messed up words indeed. Took me a while to figure out what was going on. Then, everything clicked into place.

@Ali_OMalley - Quite a nightmare about a giant spider.

emilykarn - This was a good one, right up there with any bug scene from an Indiana Jones movie. A blast to read.

JM MacF - You should listen to LOTR more often. Some really nasty ants in this one.

@stellakateT - “Meet the Ex, soon to be second Ex.”

@kellythibodeau - Lovely little tale about a family curse.

@CaseyCaseRose - A completely different world. One I wouldn’t mind learning more about. :)

TechieJ - Like the warfare between the ants and the spiders.

Eight solid entries, but unfortunately, I get to pick only one winner. So, here’s how I feel about the entries.

Special Challenge Champion - TechieJ. The spiders using guerrilla warfare tactics is a fun idea.

Grand Champion - @kelleythibodeau - A curse, the Darkness, and magic. This one has it all. :)

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