Wednesday, June 11, 2014


WooHoo! The judge has spoken! (or written...whatever.) If you missed the fun, go read the entries here. Otherwise, keep reading to see what Emily had to say!!! :)

One of the things I love about Finish That Thought is seeing how each author takes a common opening and puts a different spin on it, and you did an excellent job.

mysoulstears: I liked the sense of whimsy you gave your story when you made the beetle a tie-dyed Volkswagon. I also liked the apprentice's determination, despite 25 faliures in a row he just keeps trying. Favorite line: "You could have been a giant, live, Rhino Beetle, and poked holes in the walls, and run amok in the castle."

storeroomoftheheart: Your story took a turn that I never would have thought of. I enjoyed your description of the difference in time for the boy and the wizard. Favorite line: "The apprentice answered with a touch of sadness that he knew something they refused to believe, winter was coming."

Nada Adel Sobhi: I got a chuckle from the apprentice's name 'Nozo' and his description. Favorite line: 'He thought it had a sarcastic and proud air about it; but being a beetle, it couldn't possibly have such an air to it, he told himself."

JM MacF: I liked the air of menace you gave Instructress Zulu, I wouldn't want her for a teacher. Favorite line: "And if I fail, he is the least likely to be missed since he is scheduled to be dismissed anyway."

Patrick Stahl: I liked the competition between Clara and James. Favorite line: "She clawed at the skin until the cold flow of blood ran slick on her fingers."

Anonymous ( I liked the relationship between Alec and Elmira. Favorite line: "He needed something less defensive if he was going to impress Elmira with an elephant."

Special Challenge Champion: Anonymous (Marie) ( The beetle turning into a dragon was the best example of a magic spell gone horribly wrong.

Grand Champion: mysoulstears A delightfully whimsical piece with a serious tone (the implied connection between the subconscious and wizardry).

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