Thursday, June 5, 2014


The results are in and the judge has spoken! (or, at least, emailed me the things she wrote... ;) ) If you missed the fun, go check out the entries here. Otherwise, on to the decisions!

Emily - I adore the names you gave these gnomes, and let us not forget The Swiftwing, without which Bimkink would not be acting as a real gnome and beyond. She is a clever one.

 Mary - Not an otter, or a prisoner, or a pet, Jireh is a dragon. A blue dragon who is in fact blue, being torn between the world he knows and the one he should know…it was beautiful.

Patrick - You created a remarkable blend of piety and stubborn independence in this family. The concept of ‘steamist’ was brilliantly conveyed, and walking past the smoldering stake was chilling.

Special Challenge Champion: Patrick, for making a contraption powered not by steam alone, but by God who gives all life and breath.

Grand Champion Runner Up: Mary, you struck the cord I was hoping someone would play. Thanks for that! But seriously, don’t let any real dragons hear you calling them *contraptions* if you don’t want the full power of their steam flying towards you. 

Grand Champion: Emily, What a delightful use of the prompt, the challenge, and wonderful stupid hormones. It was my favorite!

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  1. WOW! So thrilled to have finally won against such excellent competition.