Thursday, January 16, 2014


Great job everyone! I truly enjoyed reading your stories this week and was a tad bit surprised (pleasantly) that you took her up on the special challenge of NOT killing all the little furry animals. :) I know that was difficult for so many of you! ;) If you missed any of the stories, go check them out here. Otherwise, let's hear what the judge had to say:

You got off to a good start with introducing a rabbit, the fastest way to my heart. I loved that you took the special challenge and made them characters. They had great personalities and were developed well for the small amount of space you had. It was humorous, the dialogue was spot-on, and I enjoyed the surprising ending.

Miranda Gammella:
I love a good time travel story, so I appreciated that aspect of your story. It's the kinda of thing that you think could happen after midnight. And I almost died when I came to the tribbles, well done! However, I would've liked to hear more about the places that your character traveled to or where the sphere came from (maybe making room with less descriptions of the sphere and how the traveling felt), because the story felt almost unfinished without them. 

Jeffrey Hollar:
I started laughing right at the name of the Rodent Confederation (so it was a great start) and I thought the names of your characters were fabulous. I enjoyed reading your story and the idea behind it, but I got a bit lost towards the end when the scouts are running back then the timing suddenly jumped three days ahead. I would've liked to hear what happened in real time, instead of a flashback.

Beth Avery:
I loved your use of the small creatures, and that they didn't die despite the neighbors best advice! I definitely relate to your MC because I would be terrified if I heard something scratching at my window too. And the idea of a raccoon playing with chimes is truly adorable. 

Jeremy Milburn:
I enjoyed the suspense of your story and the surprise ending! Here I was, reading it, expecting the worst (not that being a werewolf is the best outcome), and BAM. I think you did a great job painting a picture in the few words you had to work with, and I liked the casual way you added in the Special Challenge. 

Anonymous, aka, Samantha:
I enjoyed the voice of your MC and how the story was told in pieces of flashbacks. (Minus 5 house points for the Slytherin reference). There were a few odd grammatical problems and tense changes, but I loved the idea of killer fuzzballs in a zoo!

Anonymous, aka, Micheal:
Uhh.... I'm not even sure what to say about this story except I knew immediately that you wrote it! It was all over the place and I was left with many questions, but there is one pure gem hidden in there: "Led by the crazy cat lady and the native healer, society solved their midnight issue by eliminating it." One of the best sentences I have read in a long time. And, obviously, kittens solve everything! But, seriously Tomato Master, some editing could've helped make it readable.

JM MacF:
I loved the fairy tale references and how they related to the prompt. I hadn't even thought of Cinderella when I choose it! But I was sad you only used 381 words when you have 500 to work with, I would've liked to hear more about what happened and how the teacher responded because the ending seemed unfinished. 

Special Challenge Runner-Up:Jeffrey Hollar:

Special Challenge Champion:Samantha
Loving the carnivorous fuzzballs and the setting of an intergalactic zoo!

Runner-up:Jeremy Milburn

Grand Champion:drmagoo
It was a very difficult choice, but won based on the strength of the characters individual personalities and amusing dialogue.

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