Thursday, January 9, 2014


Another week completed! Congratulations everyone! I'm sorry I didn't get this posted yesterday (totally my fault, I didn't get back on the computer in the evening - the judges comments were in my inbox), but I hope the wait is worth it. If you missed the fun, go check out the entries here. Let's see what Jeremy has to say:

These were all great entries! They were entertaining and fun to read. It made the task of choosing between them an unenviable one. First, a few comments before I reveal the winners. 

Erin McCabe: Killer description of the environment in the first paragraph. I liked the characterization of Cain. I could feel his weariness at being in Hell. The idea that he "celebrated" his brother's birthday by punishing himself with misery over his actions is a solid one, and keeping within the character you set for him. Special Challenge: While you made the Hell setting come alive, the mention of Aphrodite didn't really fit for me. It felt like any name could of been placed there with same outcome.

drmagoo: Like where you took the sentence prompt; a literal dial on the back of an android wife that she could adjust. The setup before Roht came home built up the tension as to what might happen, and I chuckled when she realized he had a bad day, and again when she realized he had done something stupid. Great last line. Special Challenge: I see what you did there, but for the life of me couldn't connect the second part of the challenge (mythological realm).

Rachelle Wood: The way you presented Cupid made me picture as an old-time private eye (or other descriptor as this case seems to warrant). The contrast between the god and setting is inspired. His world-weary reaction to the angry almost bride really brought his character to the fore. Her revenge and his reaction fit both characters you presented so well. Special Challenge: First part was easy, but the second part I couldn't find. 

Michelle: This one had me chuckling, from the idea of a Hindu Goddess in a Mormon church to the sister too big to curl in fetal position while hiding. That she referenced Peter Pan to save them from the wrath was both brilliant and hilarious. I don't think I'd mention the episode to anyone either. Special Challenge: Both requirements came through clearly and served as integral parts of the story.

Special Challenge Runner-Up: Erin McCabe
This story fulfilled both requirements, but the use of the deity from a different mythology wasn't as integral to the story as the winner.

Special Challenge Champion: Michelle
She weaved the challenge requirements into her story in such a way that they were integral parts of the storyline. Plus, bonus for referencing Neverland!

Runner-up: Erin McCabe
I love the characterization of Cain in Hell. The choice between the top two came down to small errors that pulled me out of reading, and this one had more of those.

Grand Champion: Rachelle Wood
Both characters were developed well within the limits of the word count. The contrast between the mythology and the setting worked to the story's advantage, and I'm left wondering exactly what that wrath will look like.

Congratulations to the winners! Thank you all for taking part.

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