Wednesday, December 18, 2013


WOOHOO! We may have only had three entries, but they ran the gamut! Great job everyone! I had so much fun reading them. If you missed them, go here and check 'em out. Now let's hear what Judge Eric Martell had to say:

Three stories this week, reminding us not to forget the important things – protective goggles, that your son is a were-bull, or that pesky bowling ball.

Lady Hazmat: A nice light-hearted tone lifted the whole story. Scott certainly could have gotten a lot less lucky – we can see the parallel worlds where he got ebola, or HIV, or became a zombie. Nice work.

Rebekah Postupak: As you said, a heck of a first line…wait. A well-written and compelling story, although one I have to admit confused me for a while – took me a few re-readings to get what I think Jaime had forgotten. I think I could have used a few more crumbs – it kind of fell upon me in a hurry, and I wasn’t quite sure I felt like the path made sense.

Charles W. Short: I laughed. A lot. Not really a twist, but a well-deserved bowling ball to the body. The physicist in me recommends this approach:

Since there were so few entries, I am choosing just one winner, although I enjoyed all of them.

Grand Champion/Special Challenge Champion: Charles W. Short. I saw that red bowling ball flying at me as I read it.