Thursday, December 12, 2013


Love and phobias are an interesting mix... Thanks for coming out and sharing your stories with us! If you haven't read all the entries yet, just go here to do so. Sorry about not posting the results yesterday with judge Rebecca Allred sent them to me, I was feeling a bit under the weather and went to bed early. It helped. Now, without further ado, let's see what she had to say:

Thanks to everyone for posting stories this week. I enjoyed them all. Before I announce my picks, I’m going to use this opportunity for some shameless self-promotion and plug The Angry Hourglass (, my new flash fiction site. The weekend flash fiction challenges launch after the first of the year, so be sure to check it out! Okay - now back to your regularly scheduled judging... 

What??? A new flash challenge starting in the new year?!?!?! Tell us MORE!!! :) Okay, sorry...I couldn't help myself... Now let's read her judgery:

Special Challenge Runner-Up: I Love It - Patrick Stahl - I liked how your narrator was faced with a gift from her significant other that struck horror into her heart, and found a way, at least initially, to accepted it. I can’t help but wonder what is going to happen to the locket when she gets away from the ice-covered parking lot. 

Special Challenge Champion: Veggies, Innards, and Love - JM MacF - I can’t quite put my finger on why, but the image of a man presenting his wife with a butchered animal and then claiming it is the embodiment of love strikes me as wonderfully absurd. Even more so when she is so obviously off-put by his gesture. How could he not know she’d react this way?! I found the whole scenario delightfully funny and enjoyed it immensely.

Runner Up: Two Roads Diverged - Jeffrey Hollar - Once again our narrator is faced with an embodiment of love they just can’t seem to accept. I enjoyed the cadence of this piece and its inevitable conclusion. Also, having been there and done that, this struck a personal cord as well - tho I don’t look back with anything approaching regret. 

Grand Champion: Untitled - drmagoo - Anybody who has read any of my work knows that, like drmagoo’s unnamed narrator, I am drawn to the darkness. This piece was well-written and spoke to the heartbreak that often accompanies love. I really appreciated how, in the end, it was not this character’s phobia and resultant atypical behaviors that got the best of him, but the new and unbearable fear of facing them alone.

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