Thursday, March 14, 2013

Monster Chairs

This piece was written for Flash! Friday February 22nd over at Rebekah Postupak's blog. This was a 150-200 word story based on the photo prompt:

Chairs Alin

...REALLY awesome photo! I had so much fun writing this one! I was totally proud of didn't win anything. :(  HOWEVER, Rebekah used it for her Flash Points piece that week! It was really fun to see someone break down my writing and analyze it a bit. (I love you, Rebekah!) So, without further adieu, coming in at 200 words exactly - Monter Chairs! :)

“Well that… wasn’t what I expected at all!” Tempest stared unblinking at the chairs, her mouth hanging open slightly.

“But the spell worked, right? You did it! No more zombies!” Constance began a celebratory dance with all the exuberance of one who only moments before wasn’t sure she would live through the hour.

“Worked? No, it didn’t exactly work.” Tempest still hadn’t blinked. She gestured expansively with her hand at the chairs, “they’re not supposed to be there.”

Constance stopped dancing, “The chairs? But what does it matter? They’re not zombies anymore.”

Tempest finally blinked, turned to Constance, and raised her eyebrows, “What does it matter? The spell didn’t work. If one thing didn’t work, how can we know what happened? Did it change them into chairs? Did it switch them with chairs from somewhere? Is this temporary? What happens –” She glanced back at the chairs.

The chairs were walking toward them.

“Connie, they’re moving.” Tempest took a step backward.

Constance inhaled slowly through her nose, “They’re chairs. What can they do to us?”

Tempest grabbed her by the arm, “C’mon! Who knows what they are! The spell went wrong somehow!”

Constance stumbled, “They can’t hurt us… Can they?”


  1. I loved this. I remember telling someone about it because the idea was quite terrifying. Good job.

    1. Thank you so much!!! I'm so honored that it stuck with you long enough to share! I feel like that makes it a job well done. :) Thanks for taking the time to read!