Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Close Encounter

I kept the characters from the What's Your Specialy? post from this morning for the Tuesday Tales entry over at Stevie McCoy's blog Glitterword. Hers is a 100 word flash fiction contest with a picture prompt and a word that must be included. The secret word is Tonsorial (an adj meaning: of or relating to a barber or the work of a barber)...yeah, who knew? And here's the picture:

Modern Room Divider made of Stained Glass

I hope you enjoy this short snapshot of what happened just before the events in the other one...

He entered the room unerringly. How could he tell where I was? No one could see me. The room was empty. I backed up and put my hand against a blue stained glass circle. He approached slowly. I held my breath. The minute I smelled him I would lose all sense of caution. His tonsorial creation kept falling into his eyes. I wanted to brush it back. He smiled and reached for my hand. Oops. The heat had left my handprint on the glass. I moved it away with a slight gasp. Bad idea. Desire. I reached toward him.

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