Thursday, January 7, 2016


Woohoo!!! Congratulations to our winner! Thanks for coming out and taking our challenge. If you missed reading her story, go check it out here. This is what the judge had to say:

Grand ChampionNadja – by Tara O’Dowd

Well done for rising to the occasion and daring to write a story about the Middle East conflict, a very tricky subject indeed!

This story – a great beginning for a thriller – is packed with details so realistic that I was convinced that the author must be personally involved in this Middle East conflict herself! Well done for weaving such a story!
Tara, either you’ve done a lot of research, you work in the field or else you’re a double spy – oh wait – option number four is that you have a great imagination and have come up with a plausible story!
I am left wondering what Nadja’s exact story was – what were her romantic ideas about Russia? I thought she’d been anti-Putin, but then – romantic seems so positive?
What was also interesting for me was the dilemma regarding how objective the help organization workers actually are, and how difficult it is if some people have multiple jobs – for example, both journalist and aid worker.

Part fiction, part creative non-fiction, this story gives me pause for thought. Would love to hear what happens next!

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