Sunday, January 10, 2016


I had so much fun reading the stories from the five intrepid authors who braved the winter craziness and brought us a story. I hope you all have had a chance to read their offerings, but if you happened to miss any of them, they can be found here

I'm sure you all know how very exhausting a vacation can be, so I won't bore you with any rambling explanations of my excuses for not having this written up and posted earlier. Thank you for your understanding and patience. 

So without further ado...

Eggnog by Richard Edenfield
You embraced my special challenges with verve and dynamism (two words I'm not sure I've ever written before...). There were some absolutely beautiful descriptions that I wanted to wallow in, but there were also some that drove me mad with confusion (especially the eyeballs splattering - I can't get that image out of my head!). I love hopeful endings, so when they both laughed at the antics of Eggnog, I smiled too. :)

Generous to a Fault by Charles W Short
HAHAHAHA! This was so funny. Seriously, the wife discussing the cost of hiring a hit-man for her husband with her husband is priceless. You played it so well. Such potential! ;) I loved it!

Brotherly Love by Steph Ellis
Yikes, that is one dysfunctional family! It is certainly disturbing, but at times confusing. I had a hard time holding witch brother was witch, and as you gave me nothing redeemable to attach myself to, I had a hard time rooting for any of them. I almost wished he'd heard a gunshot at the end. But that was just the type of family you chose to write about.

Yellow Is An Attitude by Dave Park
So if Purple tastes like cheese, Green tastes like...? I love the whimsy of this piece. But I can't decide whether to be taken in with her joyful excess of eating all the colors, or saddened by the life of gray she lives in continually. What is the music that calls her? Is it the artist? The room? The 'midnight clear' painting? I hope the artist can come to some kind of understanding with her, so he can actually get some work done... Very enjoyable, even if it left me with way more questions than answers.

Grand Champion
Happy New Year by CR Smith
Wow! This was so beautiful. It's amazing how quickly one goes from needing a pen to contemplating suicide. But it's not as jarring as I would've expected. The progression is seamless and appropriate to his mood at the time. The 'irony' line was perfection. Then, of course, the hopefulness of the ending that tied back to the beginning line... I loved this story.

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