Friday, October 16, 2015


Sorry the post is late. If you missed reading either of our entries, you can amend that here. Once you've read them, here's what the judge had to say:

Special Challenge Champion
Modern Day Duel
by Lauren Greene

I liked the tone of this piece, the narrator’s confusion and subsequent headache easily transported the reader in the character’s headspace. The author included the special challenge in a wonderful manner, something that is sure to stick with me in the future when feeling sick. Also, as a DC resident, I was able to fully picture the setting the author described. Great work!

Grand Champion
Simple Math
by Holly Geely

A light and funny piece about meddling gone wrong. I liked the dynamic between the sisters, it was very realistic and the author did a great job of balancing a caring, loving, sister with one that also disapproved of her twin’s lifestyle. I liked the format as well, including the “before” and “after” seamlessly and telling a great story in such few words.

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