Thursday, October 8, 2015


The few. The proud. The excellent entries for this week. If you missed them (and apparently it was a busy week, so you might have) go read them here. Here's what the judge had to say:

Changes by @agardana09
I loved the progression of unfulfilled desires by this 75-year old woman. I wish more 75-year olds would have the verve to do what she did. The author has captured the spirit of the woman held back in line by her mother all these years. Just goes to show that it’s never too late to fulfill your dreams. The ending perfectly captured the rebellion of the woman.

The Last Ride by @laurenegreene
I liked how the author cleverly framed the story: starting with the usual cliché and ending with the actual event. The characters of Anita, Calie, and Rudy are vivid and believable. The common strife in the family can leave many unpleasant feelings and sometimes leave deep scars.  Anita was able to capture her lost youth and spirit for a brief moment in her life, and it was worth it. I loved the image of her bicycle ride. Also very fitting poetic lines. Well done.

Sapphire 75 by Richard Edenfield
What a great title. The gem of a woman, the protagonist of many talents! The author employs some poetic language, for example: “restless hair tinted with lingering youth. Sunshine. A breeze playing her strands like a golden harpsichord tuned with a moon swept sky.” and “The words ran down the page. They gathered in a puddle. Then a lake. Then an ocean.”  I bet many authors would relate to the following predicament:  “Her book was 75% complete. It had been 75% complete for several years.”

Honorable Mention for poetic language:

Sapphire 75 by Richard Edenfield

Special Challenge Champion: 

The Last Ride by @laurenegreene

Grand Champion: 

Changes by @agardana09

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