Wednesday, September 23, 2015


Well done one and all! If you missed any of the stories, go read them here. If you've read them and want to know what the judge had to say, well, you've come to the right place! :) Go forth and acquire knowledge! ;)

BridgetJM "Booked"
Dark and a little bit funny. It made me laugh, especially the last part about cremation. Rare to see that black humor in such a short amount of words. Well done. I almost wish this was a prose poem!
@OpheliaLong "Marian's Tea"
A little period piece! It's very much out of my comfort zone so it was refreshing. Also, if Alfred faked that little collapse, I gotta admire his spunk and game with the ladies. How else would he end up in her lap? ;)

Dave James Ashton "Roughriders"
The turn at the end made me laugh out loud. I love it. The whole time I'm picturing the speaker as a wiry, weathered old man and then it turns out to be a little boy on a carousel. Great work!

Special Challenge Champion
thehousesparrow "The Best Friends"
Aw man. This one tore me up. I'm still getting choked up about it. Unrequited love is the pits, man. Best friend unrequited love? Forget about it. I felt the years of aching and longing expand and contract throughout this short piece. Thank you so much for sharing.

@ParkInkSpot "Angel Of"
The sassy Reaper/Death "intern" figure was great! You managed to wrap in all of my "special challenge" conditions with a paranormal bent. I would probably buy a book based on this idea/romance.

Grand Champion
Richard Edenfield "The Marine of Memory"
I loved the disjointedness of the stream of consciousness and the wonderful weave-in of the angsty love story. It felt real, raw and a little bit tortured which is what I look for in my love stories.

(Richard didn't leave any contact information on his story, so if anyone knows him could you help us meet? I have no way of telling him of his win, or of his judging duty next week! Thanks super-duper much!)