Wednesday, September 16, 2015


We have a rare occurrence that the judge is super early AND I have time before I normally would, SO you get to have the results blissfully early! Everyone rejoice! ...And go finish reading all the entries here! Then read the judges comments below:

Sara Marschand, “Pixie Snacks
It’s hard to find very much sympathy for Steve-O. Drunken frat boys—haven’t they seen any horror movie, ever? They’re the character most likely to receive owies from Hollywood. Is this cardinal sin deserving of his eventual gruesome fate as pixie food? If not, Steve-O’s willingness to relieve himself in any random frat-brother’s room probably is.

@RealMommaRamble, “Sometimes Expressions Are More than ‘Just an Expression’
Poor Charlie. Getting up on the wrong side of bed is never fun, particularly when you’re struggling with a midnight burrito. Mom was right again. When your morning gets off to a start like this, it might be best to climb back in bed. That is, if you can find your own bed again…

Geoff Holme, (a.k.a. slow poke) “Late Entry
I’ve done the “no inspiration until 3 a.m.” thing. It really sucks when you draw a blank on a short deadline, too. It’s a perfect poem, and very apropos to the challenge.

But as Flo the Progressive Insurance lady says, “Only Winners get sprinkles.”

Special Challenge Champion
Richard Edenfield, “Johnny Lightning and the Lost Civilization of Toys
This piece reminded me strongly of Rod Serling’s SF, and feels like a Twilight Zone episode (particularly the ending). Big contrast between the settings, and a “damn I should’ve seen that coming” ending (but I didn’t). Bonus: You can never go wrong with Hot Wheels, and this story has ‘em. Thank you for the big grin, Richard, excellently told.

Runner Up
Lauren Greene, “Foibles and Follies
Our protagonist begins a very bad day the same way most people do, with a commute; a commute that launches a comedy of errors. From her car to the E.R., her journey is fraught with terrors (and pain!) Personally, I’ve always wanted to slug bad phlebotomy techs; one hard punch for each clumsy stab seems like a fair exchange rate, doesn’t it?

Grand Champion
Danielle Donaldson, “Untitled

This wonderful tale is all about stealing precious moments away from the tiny terrors. Every mother has surely felt similar relief. You shouldn’t feel eager to avoid your own children…but “Me time” is essential. Mom has another guilty-pleasure sin, the rich chocolate and her daydream micro-vacation. A very vivid vision (alliteration!) of the perfect break, at least for a while, and some successfully segued shifts of setting (!!!).

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