Thursday, July 9, 2015


Whoa! Way to start off year three!!! You made it extra-difficult for our judge this week. Seriously. She told me so. Great job, all of you! If you missed any of the amazing entries, go read them all here. Now that you've had that wonderful experience, check out what the judge had to say about them:

By Michael Berry
My, what a sad story! I could actually feel his anguish coming through with the words. Oh and I loved the last line – a beautiful roundup to a hauntingly heart breaking tale.

By @agardana09
Ooh this was creepy, being hunted down by an unknown woman (Who was she?!) and being hurt. I am still wondering why no one could see or hear her on the library steps – OR HIM to be honest. Is there an additional dimension to the story? Good use of the Special Challenge word as well. Definitely sounds supernatural to me.

Field Trip
By Jeffrey Holler
I have to admit, I don’t read covert ops/spy books, but this one had me hooked – it felt like it was lifted right out of a Tom Clancy (Ok so I peek sometimes in my husband’s collection!). Very well written, with exactly the right amount of detail to add to the tersely efficient atmosphere. I want to know now if Zed *was* set up, and why!

Dates gone wrong
By Dylyce P. Clarke
Ding ding ding! Bonus points for using ALL special challenge words, and in the first sentence! Well done! And boy did that story turn into something completely unexpected – from a bunch of random thoughts, to a hard core murder investigation, and of the mayor’s wife too. I want to know how this ended!

Fictitious reality
By realmommaramblings
I gotta say, this is the first time I’ve ever read a tongue being described as a salty toad – bravo! Very nice SCiFi/Fantasy type story, with brilliant descriptions. I love the idea of someone’s written word becoming a reality. Still wondering what the pen was used against – I want to know!!

Southern Hospitality
By Andrea
A story about surviving a plane crash while going on vacation. This woman has nerves of steel and that’s the truth. Most people would be a sobbing mess, but she walks out of there like a superwoman, and still thinking about relaxation at the end! That’s ironic in itself, and I wonder if the story develops further to show how strong she is (or not). Great writing, I could almost feel the shock of this one.

Special Challenge Runner Up
By Jeff S.
Ok this story created different emotions in me from both sides of the spectrum of wow, and ew. The writing is fabulous. The subject not so much, just because I couldn’t identify what this creature could possibly be! I was completely engaged right from the beginning though – what/who is this thing? Why does he have these unnatural powers? Fabulous Sci-Fi/horror story – I say horror only because I thought he was a vampire at first, or a zombie! Fantastic way to fit the SC words into it as well.

Special Challenge Champion
By @hollygeely
I absolutely loved this story – superbly written, eccentric and random, and fantastic use of the Special challenge words, especially Fish Tank! This is a great example of a standalone piece that could be included in a book of short stories.

Runner Up
Don’t forget your schoolwork
By parkinkspot
WOAH. This turned from a story about teen angst to utter horror (and then somehow back to teen angst!). Geez I did not see that coming! Brilliant writing, excellent twist -  I thought I misread something when I saw “she stepped carefully over the feet..” Loved reading this, my heart is still racing.

Grand Champion
By Geoff Holme

Oh this made me laugh out loud. What a fabulously funny piece. I loved it – very well written, complete with the la-di-daness. And YES thank you for sucking up to me, your sister in fiction. Great use of the SC words, and boy did I love the ending. Just awesome.

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