Wednesday, June 24, 2015


WooHoo! Thanks for the fun! If you missed any of the stories yesterday, go read them here. Finished? Good. Now let's read what the judge had to say:

No Contest @fs_iver
Succeed to spite (or in spite of) your Father, a common enough motivation. Our protagonist has clear goals, which he pursues with single-minded intensity: To beat both his old man and the local success story by age 25. Then the final line; how far the mighty have fallen. Nice ending.

Just a Taste @agardana09
OooOo there’s some creepy goodness here. The new guard learns to respect the prisoner’s powers, even through the bars. We’ll have to live with our curiosity, needing to know more about both the prisoner and Ms. Jones.

Special Challenge Champion:
The Gentleman  @needanidplease
Dad is indeed a profound influence on his eldest child. But there’s a problem with that, he might not be the best influence, at least not in the eyes of his spouse. The tale has a poignant ending, delightful downbeat…and the limerick echoes the boy’s feelings, both happy and terribly sad.

Grand Champion:
Nothin’ for Nothin’ @studyleaks

This delightful little scene communicates the dehumanizing life of a cubicle-farm telemarketer, and the (partially imagined) vision of a typical caller. “She had been beautiful once. A long time ago. I recognized that feeling,” might be a capsule moral for this tale. By the end of the call, the marketer is still pursuing a sale!

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