Friday, June 19, 2015


I've finally managed to get a consistent wifi at UtopYAcon at Starbucks across the street, so this is going to be short. If you missed any of the stories, go read them here. Now read what our judge had to say (yesterday, when she sent it to me...):

Destiny's gift by Geoff (@geofflepard)
What starts out as a magical love story takes an eerie turn at the end. Geoff builds a magical albeit a little creepy, world. We are told of the central character that, “Slowly she would reveal her own feelings. We wait for a fairy tale love story to unfold only to learn of the shocking ending, but as the narrator said earlier in the story:  the events, “They all fitted like a perfect jigsaw.”

Made for Television by Dave (@parkinkspot)
The perpetual dilemma for any artist is whether to choose money over art. Dave presents this conundrum with a humorous tone that is effective.  He observes, “The life of a director is an endless series of compromises.” The question is how far down that slippery slope he is willing to go.  I loved the striking similes, such as: “He cast a vast shadow like a skyscraper” and “he's whiter than sour cream.” Jesus and Mary Magdalene were never so controversial than in this little tale.

Revival by Rebekah Postupak
This is a story of an unfortunate stage manager who has to lead an unruly cast to the successful production. Leave it to Rebekah to twist the plot lines, include the characters that are far out of this world, and blend the literary or fairy tales. She does her magic in this story. I cracked up reading the exercise routine of the god; the images are so lively that I could see them in my mind’s eye. She also tweaks common phrases to suit her needs, “Don’t get your loincloth in a wad.” 

Foy builds a futuristic world where a little girl waits for the future husband to incubate in a lab. Her use of language is exotic, “his pectorals perfectly plump, his Gluteus quite Maximus, his obliques a cinched corset of trim waistline.” The picture of a matriarchal society, where the neutered males run out of the lab like rats, is chilling. Her world building skills are out of this world. She also incorporated all four challenge words seamlessly.

Special Challenge Champion - Foy. S. Iver

Grand Champion - Dave (@parkinkspot)

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