Wednesday, March 25, 2015


The judge has made his decisions! If you missed any of the stories, go check them out here. Otherwise, continue reading to see what the judge had to say:

Cinders by @laurenegreene
What an interesting, and devastatingly sad tale! I felt so sorry for the boy, abandoned by his parents with nothing but a toy dragon to keep him safe. I hope one day you revisit this story. I’d love to see what happened to cause the boy to burn down the tree. Great story!

Possessed by @susanOreilly3
Great story! I love the imagery you put out through this piece, and can feel the child’s terror of the tree, and the witch living in there, but also her strength and determination to put a stop to her and protect her family. Well done!

Burning Bright by @geofflepard
Holy shit! This reads like the memoir of a very, very disturbed young man. I’m guessing that’s what you were going for, and you did one hell of a job man. Wow. I would not want to piss this dude off, at all.

Last Friday the 13th by @callthewriter
Lmao! This story is awesome! The only thing I think it’s missing is evil, possessed garden gnomes. I really, really love what you did here, especially with the neighborhood women and the hot firemen. This sounds like a very interesting neighborhood to live in, haha.

Fiona’s Tree of Life by @CharlesWShort
This story had me on edge. I thought it was going one way, but then it went this other way and I was glad! What an asshole Jackson is! She should have throat-punched him.

Pacts by @MichaelSimko1
Oh man, these are some messed up folks, let me tell you. You had me wondering what the hell was going on from the second paragraph, and still guessing at the end, very well done! I think these two psychos are made for each other!

Heresy of the Oak by rowdy_phantom
To me, this reads as a very gritty, very dark fairy tale and I love it. Sounds like something you’d use to scare kids away from climbing your favorite tree, late in the autumn. Something told around a burning, crackling fire. Loved it!

Honorable MentionFrom the Chronicles of Hamm - The Story of Epic Bacon by @jrcheary

When I read this title aloud to my wife, I believe I said, “This better be good—it has bacon in the title.” Lucky for you, I won’t have to hunt you down and hypnotize you into hating bacon for the rest of your life. This sounds like the beginnings of a really funny, really cool MG novel! If you aren’t already working on it, I’d hop to it before the health nuts outlaw bacon or something.

Special Challenge Champion - To Gain The Empty Throne by @clivetern

Wow! That’s one way to take over the world! Such an amazing tale you wove in such a short amount of words. I loved how you built this world, and then destroyed it, all in one fiery breath. Well done!

Runner Up - The Grass Never Grew by @LurchMunster

Oh my. As soon as I got into this, I knew it was going to be something haunting, and I was not disappointed in the least little bit. Great imagery, beautiful and brutal, just as I like it. And the ending—that was bloody awesome. Bravo.

Grand Champion - Peacocking by @fs_iver

Bahahaha! This is genius =D I pretty much laughed my way through the entire thing. Through all that though, I really felt the insane sadness coming from Byron. It seems a villain’s worst fear, to become irrelevant. Awesome job!

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