Thursday, February 12, 2015


Thanks to everyone who joined our small party on Tuesday! If you missed any of the entries, go check them out here. Good. Now let's read what the judge had to say:

I'll keep this brief so I can submit on time, before the week explodes with craziness. I enjoyed all the entries so thanks for playing; this judging thing is fun.

The Burden (@geofflepard)
I love the language in this one, the way it flows, the last sentence. There are a lot of feelings in these 500 words.

Scent of a Woman (
This one was powerful. I read it twice and it took me a minute to move on. I know exactly what’s going on here even if Fido doesn’t.

Untitled (drmagoo)
Delightfully creepy and a great take on the non-human idea. It hints at something much more that I’m curious to learn about.

After deadline: wasn’t judged
Primary Job Function (@goldzco21)
I love the main character. He’s better at his job function than he thought. Really delightful.

Special Challenge Champion - Michael Simko with "Quorum." I'll admit I had to look up "quorum"...I need to expand my vocabulary. Anyway, from the very first, this story gripped my attention. It was clever. It was entertaining. It was a non-human protagonist that was almost human. Brilliant.

Grand Champion - Lauren Green with "Berlin." Really clever take on fairies and shapeshifters, and darker things. I really felt for the little girl. Well done.

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