Wednesday, January 14, 2015


Lovely! Another week of making the judge's life extremely difficult: accomplished! If you missed any of the entries, check them out here. Otherwise, let's read what our judge finally decided:

Firstly, thank you so much, Alissa, for the space you give us to create and share every week. I’m new to #FinishThatThought and have already enjoyed, learned, and grown my fair share. It’s a humbling experience judging when the submissions are leagues deeper than a story you might have spun from your own prompt. Well done everyone.

Wow, special challenges accepted indeed! And Welsh, nonetheless, gorgeous in script and curious on the ears. I love that you used the mechanic use of AC/DC, rather than the artistic. p.s. Now I want stew!

Such an original take on the prompt! Confession: I’ve never been to a concert but if the world ending is a good parallel to what it feels like, I’m scouring the internet for tickets right this second. The mother-daughter interactions could melt the heart of the Abominable Snow Man. Simply lovely.

You’ve captured the odd moments-“the dirty dishes in my sink”- of a brain in trauma well. Such a horrific event. As writers, artists, fellow mortals we are bound to take note and mourn with their loved ones. Well done.

Dark and soaring. Just the style I love. Countless times I read and caught my breath over the words you wove together: “The voice intones, priest-like, calling the worshipful to prayer,” “Faith alone tells me the rock roof is a kilometre away,” “all the other dimensions known, unknown and unknowable.” And the last line? Brilliance.

Flash Fiction at its best. You’ve packed so much into so few words. Some relationships, when they end, feel like our “own personal Pralaya, Ragnarok, Armageddon” and you’ve created just that sense of closing. Spectacular.

Everything from the title to the tone of this piece matches the theme. The beginning coasts to a start, smooth, almost as if Ong Namo is playing in the background and then-*records being scrubbed* “AC/DC's Highway to Hell.” Delicious contrast throughout!

This. When I wrote this prompt this was the story dancing in the corners of my mind only you’ve spun imagery (“Stars blink out like old Christmas lights and the entire fabric of time is obliterated around me like a crayon left out in the sun”) and conjured phrases (“suffocating darkness and casts it asunder”) far more eloquently than I could. Never stop writing.

This piece still has me laughing! Every word carries its weight (choosing “virile” as the rhyming word for “mobile” - perfect). The Dragon Mistress has breathed fiery life into this story and we should fear for our lives. Benedict Cumberbatch would be proud.

Special Challenge Champion: Doctor Mike Reddy

For rising to the occasion and incorporating not three but all of the special challenge words. So ambitious!

Grand Champion:  Rebekah Postupak

Honestly, this choice surprised me. Not because it isn’t well written- my goodness it’s incredible- but because I’m usually a sucker for the dark and soaring. And it isn’t at all what I pictured stemming from the prompt. However, when I am drawn into the mind and body of a character, when I feel like their words are tickling the tiny hairs in my ears, or I could glance over their shoulder and help them solve a Four Pictures One Word puzzle, that is when I know I’m in the presence of genius. I want to be you when I grow up.

(Me, too!)

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