Thursday, January 8, 2015


The judge sent this to me amazingly fast (something made possible by it being daytime when the contest ended in her time zone!), but my email didn't cooperate. Ah well, here are her comments at the usual time rather than freakishly early. Congrats to all the writers this week, you made it tough! If you missed any of the stories, go here to read them. Now, read the judge's comments:

@Michaelsimko: Somewhat disturbing imagery of a sloth like couple who, for some reason only have eyes for each other. Very entertaining tale of trailer trash love. I loved the little twist at the end. The Aussie slang was somewhat questionable though.

@zevonesque: Sweet story about a girl reluctant to fall in love. I enjoyed her paranoia and skepticism, kind of reminded me of myself. I'm not sure about trading Coke off for Pepsi though haha. 

@Laurenegreene: Loved how many times you got the name of Coca-Cola in there. Made me thirsty. What a romantic little love story it was.

@JamieRHersh: What a horrible story, so well written. I love how the story takes you right there, right at that moment and then the penny drops. It was actually very powerful.

@AlexandriaMWolf: Who doesn't love a story about kittens and people who love kittens? I'm glad she got to keep her and what a great name for a kitty.

@KL_Phelps: Anyone who appreciates that Pepsi is not a worthy substitute for Coke is okay with me. An entertaining story about love at first sight. I thought for a moment that maybe the phone number might be smudged from the spilled coke. Lucky!

@goldzco21: I think the couple in this story need some serious therapy haha. I loved the end, where she says she is joking. Well written and fun to read about love gone wrong.

@geofflepard: I think I need to sympathise with the teacher here. Okay..only because I was one, but still! Nice way to twist the beginning sentence. I liked the loyalty of the blonde girl as well.

@db_foy: I love this. It is such a clever take on the prompt and is extremely relate able. Hang on.. did she read my blog?

@annae394: Perfectly timed story with a lovely sentiment. Young love and any excuse to talk to each other. I really enjoyed this.

Special Challenge Champion: Lauren Greene
The special challenge winner is @Laurenegreene. Not only was her story entertaining but I doubt Coca-Cola's paid advertisements, mention Coke as much as she did in this story. Well done.

Grand Champion: DB Foy
The grand champion was so hard to choose. I tossed up between three entries for some time before I realised that @db_foy story was a stand out. How could a fellow writer and mother of 6 not relate to that? I loved everything about this little tale of everyday life.

Thanks for entering everyone and thank you Alissa for letting me be a part of it. I had so much fun.

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