Thursday, November 20, 2014


WooHoo! What a round! If you missed any of the amazing stories, check them out here. Otherwise, let's read what the judge had to say:

I thought all the stories were very good. A few, I could have seen myself writing. And I was surprised by 3 references to "Footloose."

My thoughts:

"Release" by Tamara Shoemaker

A very touching story, with some great phrasing. I think my favorite was "explode in a million angry sparks."

"Serendipity" by Rebekah Postupak

Seemed like "My Fair Lady" meets "Cinderella." I really liked the voice of Dominique.

"Streetfighter" by Mark Driskill

A funny read as it went along. Then at the end the POV is pulled out to reveal what is really happening.

"Love And The Gods" by Erica Rahaman

You had me at cleavage. Seriously, a nice take on classical mythology. I could easily see these characters in a longer short story or a novel....

"The Woods" by Michael Simko

I'm always a sucker for a great phrase, and "The gunman looks like a TWISTED love child of a moonshiner and a clown" was it.

Special Challenge Champion

Michael Simko for "The Woods," simply because you managed to get "Copacabana" in there. Who would have thunk?

Grand Champion

"Release" by Tamara Shoemaker

Much of the flash I write relies on humor. For that reason, "Love And The Gods" was a close second. But lately, I've tried to pull a few more heartstrings, as it were. And "Release" does that. It starts out with a typical child-parent exchange. But soon we learn of "the pain and heartbreak of the last month" which even the child feels inside. Then at the end, we hear in real-time our heroine's tough decision.

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