Thursday, November 13, 2014


The judge has spoken! Check out the stories here, if you missed any of them. Read the comments and decision below. :)

When I set the first line, I was curious to see what kinds of places people had gotten into, and I was not disappointed in the variety of locations, and situations that the authors came up with. With the special challenge, I expected to be delighted by the strange additions, and found myself unexpectedly challenged by some of the games that the authors who accepted the challenge incorporated. Overall a lovely bunch of stories, and thank you for sharing them with us.

David Borrowdale:

It is clear from the difficulty of those clues that this character is devoted to crosswords. The clues were beautiful, and I loved seeing how the character broke them down for the person who entered the room – I had figured a child with the "You know I'm not to be disturbed" line, but I love that 18 down clues in the reader to the fact it is, instead, man's best friend.


The fact that Shauna was worried about damaging the cup, rather than the kitten exemplifies her obsession with her collection that has to sit just so. Her dedication to Rachel is equally clear, and the compromise that comes with relationships carried nicely. Plus, kitten!


A lot of punch in a little story. The fight was a quick affair, and I like that Gena didn't just sit idly by as the men fought it out.

Michael Simko:

Thank you for the guide to game used – this one challenged me in a way I didn't expect the prompt to do. And I learned about a bunch of new games. The second person future tense was an interesting choice, and a bit jarring to me as a reader, but by the end I settled into it. It felt like a much longer piece, like what we were getting were only fragments of a full story waiting to be expanded on.

Michael Seese:

Not only did you manage to squeeze in the game titles, but also a series of bad jokes, and several puns. These lent well to the personality of the person who had their arm twisted to participate in a crime against their will, but there were hints throughout that it was a grim humor, and the twist at the end, answering the why, didn't disappoint.

Mark Driskill:

Taking the game challenge in the direction of sports was something else I didn't expect, but worked nicely in this story. Jeremy seems like a handful, and a joy all at the same time.

Nancy Chenier:

It is clear the speaker has paid a lot of attention, knowing the habits and favorite dink of the "you" in the story. The build from a caring friend to an obsessed stalker is subtle, and the end gave me chills. Nicely done.

Special Challenge Champion:
David Borrowdale

You folded the names of games in nicely, but it was taking a game that was played, and turning it into an obsession that snagged you the special challenge championship spot this week.

Grand Champion:
Michael Seese

A casual conversation revels a dire situation in the end. The build was nice, and what can I say, I'm a sucker for puns.

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