Wednesday, March 26, 2014


WooHoo! That was crazy fun! If you missed any of the entries, go check them out here. If you want to read the judges take on his own prompt, go check it out here. If you want to know what the judge had to say about the entries....well then, read on!


We had four hearty souls this week who took up the challenge of writing a story with a strange first sentence. Since the prompt broke the rules (in countless ways), I’m going to judge all stories equally.

I had a lot of fun reading your stories this week. I deliberately picked a prompt outside the box, because I wanted to see if anyone could let go of the rules they write by. I have been very happy, and surprised, with the results. And speaking of the results. Here goes.

@CharlesWShort - A marvelous little tale of self forgiveness, and God waiting on his children as they learn to forgive themselves, and accept the events they’ve experienced.

@CaitlinStatus - A mysterious tale indeed. I have yet to come to terms with it, which is not to say it isn’t good, for I found it an entertaining, fast paced read. One that leaves me with plenty of questions. Are we dealing with clones? Animals? Or insane humans? Or some combination thereof? I can’t tell.

@stellakateT - Ah. The games the heart plays with the souls of men. The one he wants being right there, and him lacking the nerve to ask. What are you afraid of indeed.

@postupak - How do people cope with the death of an infant, born or unborn? How long does it take to admit your soul cries tears, and your heart aches? A sterling work of art.

Unfortunately, I have to pick a winner, and a special challenge champion. Wish I could instead hand out badges of courage and imagination to all four of you. You all took a shot at writing a story from a prompt that throws reality out the window. And you all four did well.

Special Challenge Champion - @stellakateT - Hope always springs eternal in the spring, doesn’t it?

Grand Champion - @postupak - As I said. A work of art.

And next week, I’ll be letting my imagination place words on paper.

Great little stories, all of you.

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