Thursday, March 20, 2014


WOOHOO! What fun we had in the basements fun may not be the best word... Certainly the characters in the stories didn't have any fun! But it sure was fun reading about them! :) Great job, everyone! If you missed any of them, go check them out here. Otherwise, let's read what the judge had to say:

@Michael Simko: I love the repetition of the first line throughout! It’s very ominous, and really builds the tension. I could really feel the chill in the air of the hippie girl’s house - a character I love, by the way. Her inability to keep her own legends straight made me giggle. Though I have to wonder at her motivations. Why did she let him go down to the basement? Hippies. They’re inscrutable.

@emilykarn: I laughed out loud when I realized which urban legend you had chosen! I honestly wasn’t expecting anyone to go that direction with the challenge. Your description of the basement really painted a picture in my mind, particularly the line ‘Filth dripped from a gaping metal tunnel behind the wall, plopping into the water.’ Ew. I don’t envy Sherillynn that mess!

@LurchMunster: Why must these people always do exactly what they’ve been warned not to do? I love the character you’ve created - foolhardy and confident without reason. Your last line makes me wonder how long they’ve been stuck in the ‘basement’. Will they eventually starve, or does this other universe operate under different rules? Was Diana somehow involved in getting them trapped there, or are they hallucinating her voice? You’ve really drawn me into this mystery!

@CaitlinStatus: Darn stupid teenagers! They just had to see the haunted house… I enjoyed the interaction between Chelsea and Jerry. Especially ‘Jerry flicked the light switch on at the bottom of the stairs. Nothing happened. He flicked the switch a few more times before he said, “Light doesn’t work.” Chelsea rolled her eyes and stepped off the final step behind Jerry.’ He’s so blase, and she’s quickly growing tired of it. (Good thing he dies first?) That last line - augh! It sent shivers down my spine.

@JM MacF: I made the mistake of reading this story in the middle of the night. Absolutely terrifying. I really felt for your character. Her terror seems ridiculously exaggerated until you reach the end of the story, and then her fear becomes much more understandable. Being threatened by an evil spirit is bound to leave an impression on a little girl! Making the note rhyme was a nice touch, as well. Extra creepy!


Special Challenge Winner: emilykarn

Grand Champion: LurchMunster

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  1. Wow! Can't believe that I won the Special Challenge, all the stories were so good. Emily