Thursday, November 14, 2013


Thanks for writing and reading this week! You each took the prompt and made it your own, from sweet innocent sleeping to drugging to attempted murder to pixies and dryads! Fun, fun! :) If you haven't had a chance to read them all yet, go check them out here. Otherwise, here's what judge Eric had to say about them:

mysoulstears: This was a beautiful story. I really wondered about Jessica’s parents – why they weren’t around anymore, and why Jessica had always gotten ill when her father cut the lawn, but didn’t now. I’m worried that her parents were up to no good, and had hurt her quite badly, but the optimism she had as she began this life with her Aunt and Uncle made me think she’d be alright.

JM MacF: The narrative device of using the opening sentence as part of a story within a story allowed you to set up two different worlds, which added depth to the writing. Of course, they weren’t two different worlds, not really, although it made me wonder if Grandpa knew that or not. I wasn’t quite sure what the “answer” was, in reference to the special challenge, however. I’m going to assume I just missed it.

Melissa: I had more magical ideas in mind when I pictured the prompt, but you brought it to a devastating reality with a well-written story. I could really feel her struggles to figure out what had happened after a night that had gotten out of her control. It’s not clear whether she was a willing or unwilling participant in what happened that night, but the blacked-out memory is not a good sign. It did feel like this story could have used a little more breathing room – the last sentence crammed in the special challenge in a way that could have been spread out a bit, especially since you had another 71 words to work with.

CharlesWShort: I really liked the world you created, adding details in bits as you went – showing, not telling. The ending was a little abrupt to me, and a little pat, especially with more room to work with. The story covered a lot of time for 396 words, but in a believable way.

Rebekah Postupak: There was a lot I loved about this story. Lief was a wonderful character, and the writing flowed effortlessly. I do have to admit that I was a little confused about the nature of dryads in this world – Lief paired with the grass? Was there a tree? Did different dryads have different types of flora partners? I would like to know more about the bald human and Lief, however.

Special Challenge Champion: JM MacF

Grand Champion: mysoulstears

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