Wednesday, November 6, 2013


I LOVED you entries! Imaginary friends are so much fun...or...erm...maybe not! And the DARES!  What? Remind me to never play truth or dare with any of you! :) If you missed all the fun, go read the entries here. Otherwise, let's see what our judge had to say. (oh, she also commented on the thread, so check those out too if you missed that!)

OH, I was so hoping he'd at least have a bungee cord. But alas, it's not to be. First time I read this my heart was pounding. Great tension. I felt right in the story, unfortunately, all the way to the end. Yikes! Great work.
Wow, okay I got chills at the end.
Love that you kept me guessing who was the imaginary one up until the last part. At first I thought it was Robert.
Loved this. Great job.
You put me right in your world. Loved the dialect and that he was an ogre. Really liked this character, hope you can use him again in a bigger story.
Well done.
As one whose spelling is horrid, I can see where entering a spelling bee would be dangerous. Enjoyed the story and I always have to look up discombobulated, too, but I love how it sounds. lol. Fun read.

JM MacF: 

Didn't see that coming. lol. I was confused at first, thinking she had the crush on Isaac, but I believe that's what you intended. I liked the surprise ending, but did have to reread a couple of times to understand what was going on. Perhaps showing the empty swing next to her in the beginning might have cleared that up. Loved the twist at the end.

Rebekah Postupak:
Noooo, oh, poor girl. What a great twisting of fairy tales, along with a great ending. Enjoyed this story and loved how you even twisted up the challenge in the end. Well done!

Everyone entered some great stories. I really enjoyed them all and loved that everyone even accepted both challenges. Great work all of you.

Okay, after much deliberation and arguing with Stanley who wishes everyone would write about nice imaginary friends - like, why would they do that? Geeze - We've... uh, I have made my decision. Hush Stanley!

Here goes:

Special Challenge Runner - Up:
Rebekah Postupak - Enchanted

Special Challenge Champion:
Pen Name - Boys Will Be Boys

Grand Champion Runner - Up:

Michelle - Imaginary

Grand Champion:

drmagoo - Untitled


  1. Thanks! It was a fun one to write.

    1. I had fun reading them. Everyone's was really good, I had a difficult time picking just four. =)