Saturday, October 13, 2012

Tell Me Again

This was my entry into Menage Monday over at Cara Michael's blog. This is the one with three prompts. The three prompts: The idea of 'breaking news', the phrase "tell [ ] again", and the picture

I won an Honorable Mention for this piece! Yay! I'm on a roll! :)

“Oh. My. God. Laura!” Lizzy came bounding into the apartment without even a knock and threw herself onto the sofa. “You will NEVER guess who I just saw!”

“Probably not.” Laura continued to fold her clothes neatly and arrange them in piles on the coffee table.

Lizzy sat up and leaned forward, “No, seriously! This is, like, a Stop The Presses kind of thing!” She smacked her gum and smiled.

Laura put the shirt down and folded her hands, “Alright. What’s this breaking news?”

Lizzy started bouncing, “Ok, I was walking Champ down by the broken overpass, you know, the one with the HUGE diamond graffiti – Oh, I want a diamond that big someday.”

“They don’t make diamonds that big.”

“Such a tragedy! Johnny once mentioned giving me a diamond – not the scumbag Johnny, the nice one.”

“Please don’t tell me *again* about Johnny and the diamond! The walk? Remember?”

“Oh, right! Anyway, this guy came up to me asking for some change. Try to guess who it was!”

“Richard? Tommy? Jimmy? Bobby?...” With each guess Lizzy shook her head no and bit her lip. “Then who?”

“Your dad.”

Laura’s jaw dropped. She jumped up and ran out the door.


  1. I am impressed. I was not sure how you were going to make the significance of the unknown person truly, well, significant, to the reader...but you did.