Tuesday, October 23, 2012


Hey All!

I've been on vacation. I didn't even have internet access for several days. I've hardly opened my computer in a week. I missed writing, but I had a lot of fun visiting old friends and family. Anyway, I'm back. Well...I will probably be MIA for November again (NaNoWriMo and all), so I knew I should get at least one post up before then.

Here goes: Tuesday Tales over at Glitterword, Stevie McCoy's blog, spoke to me. Alas, Menage Monday just didn't give me much to work with this week (which is sad because it's the last week) and I'm judging Motivation Monday, so this may be it this week. Anyway, the word for this Tuesday Tales and the picture:


\REK-yuh-zuhnt\, noun:
1. A person who refuses to submit, comply, etc

I'm not usually into zombies or zombie tales (we won't mention my zombie dream that turned into a 55 word challenge - because that was the only other one...), but the word paired with the picture gave me a fun idea. I hope you enjoy it! So, without further rambling...
I may have fallen to the epidemic, but I’m a recusant – I won’t become what they have become. At first I stayed in shadows and ate sushi, but the urges are stronger now. Restaurants are dangerous. I’ve decided to hole up here and order my meat delivered. I hope the carrier leaves it on the porch. I don’t want to risk him. I should take the food and leave. Already my fingers twitch. My neck is most certainly not twitching. I am in control. I will relax, in this chair, not twitching until…
The doorbell rings. I smell it. Meat.


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