Thursday, September 6, 2012


Menage Monday was a special Labor Day version - which means we got extra time and extra words - how awesome was that? Yay, Cara Michaels! I personally loved the 500 word limit and the extra time! It helped a lot! The prompts this week were that the story had to include a spell, the phrase "a blue moon" and this picture:

Fun, huh? Here's my 498 word entry (that didn't win anything, but I still love it!):

“Are you sure you got the spell right?” Hayden whispered as he crouched behind a hedge, adjusting his backpack.

“Once in a blue moon I get somethin’ wrong and you can’t ever let me forget it, can you?” Micah hissed back as he opened his pouch and pulled out a water balloon.

“Don’t tempt fate, Mic, it was just a blue moon two days ago.” Micah glared at him. Hayden eyed the small, green, bulging balloon with suspicion, “And you’re sure it’ll work even diluted in water?”

“It’s not diluted, it’s suspended, there’s a difference. And yes, it will still work. Just make sure your aim is better than last time.” Micah handed it to Hayden and reached in for another.

“What if they don’t break?”

“You’re a ray of sunshine tonight, aren’t you? They’re water balloons. They’re made to break. Just hit the stupid dog, okay?”

“You do know that I’ve seen them just bounce off people before, right?” Hayden held his up to the streetlight trying to see the spell inside the thin membrane.

“Oh, for Pete’s sake! Do you want to chicken out now? The only way into the headquarters is past those golems. The only way past those golems is to freeze them. I’ve made the spell, but we can’t put our feet on the grass without wakin’ them up. If you have a better idea you should’ve mentioned it before… Or is this somethin’ else? You scared of what we’ll find in there?” Micah jerked his chin toward the seemingly normal business complex nestled quietly in the suburban sprawl. “Think we should back out?”

“No. No, I’m just trying to think things through, is all. What if I miss?”

“Then the dog wakes up and comes after you. You plannin’ on missin’?”

“No. Just checking.” Hayden bit his lip then asked, “Do you have any more in there…just in case?”

Micah chuckled and placed the pouch on the ground in between them, there were more. “Perhaps we should both have one in each hand to start with?”

They each grabbed another and stood facing the metal dogs. Hayden took a deep breath, “On the count of three: One, two, three!” They both tossed their balloons at the same time at the same dog.

“You were supposed to hit the other one!” Micah yelled as both balloons hit the floppy eared dog square on. One broke, the other ricocheted off to the left straight at the other dog who shook his head and growled. The pointy eared dog crouched to attack, but the balloon landed right in front of it and rolled to a stop at its front paw. The dog leaned down to sniff at it when it miraculously exploded, spreading the spell in a wave across its body. “Oh. Well, that works too.”

“That was some piece of luck!” Hayden smiled from ear to ear.

“Yeah,” Micah heaved a sigh of relief, “Let’s just hope that luck sticks. We’re gonna need it.”

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