Thursday, December 3, 2015


Congrats to all! Thanks for sharing your stories with us. If you missed any, go read them here. Otherwise, here's what the judge had to say:

‘Police Procedural’ by Geoff Holme
A wildly entertaining narrative in which a detective, through the use of nonsensical jargon, tries to communicate information gleaned from an informant. You made quick work of the special challenge with all the words and ten body parts cleverly interjected. My favorite: ‘DS Chapman sucked his teeth. “Any idea what those things’ll do to you? I’ve seen a forty a day blokes lungs in a forensic bowl once…black and putrid. Made me quit straight away.”’ I love it! Thanks for submitting your story! I didn’t include it because it was late; since I’m a newbie, I figured I better keep things procedural.  

Special Challenge Champion:  
‘Revenge’ by Steph Ellis
The hilarious aftermath of a foiled plot of revenge on a cheating husband. The story was active and descriptive; the “copper” smashing poor Tinker after his fall down the winding staircase was great fun for the reader— not so much for the cat! And Liz— what a character! She reminds me of my aunt— so dramatic! Great job!

You included six references to body parts and all ten of those crazy words while still managing to create a fantastic, funny story. What can I say, Steph; you are truly a master of the special challenge!

Grand Champion:  
‘Trapped’ by Dave@ParkInkSpot
A well written story about a big brother driving his “gifted” little sister through a small town to rescue a litter of orphaned kittens she’d dreamt about that morning. Dave, being from a small southern town myself, I can say your story is spot on— the speed trap where Sam escapes with a warning because his mother was the cop’s sixth grade teacher, nice! I loved that you were subtle about Emily’s physic abilities, allowing the reader to learn about her gift as the story unfolds.  At the risk of sounding like a stalker, I have to admit the story intrigued me enough to snoop out your website; I found another snippet about Sam and Emily — the spirits in the jars…FANTASTIC!

As for the special challenge; a trifecta of body parts in one sentence! ‘She squinted, crossed her eyes, and stuck out her tongue when the beam lit her tangled hair.’ In addition, I counted three special challenge words, hair, cat, and blue smoke, all masterfully incorporated— especially blue smoke! Well done!

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