Wednesday, May 27, 2015


Woohoo! Congrats to everyone who came out and shared their stories! If you missed any of them, go read them all here. Now let's read what the judge had to say:

We started this week off with a tragic, heartbreaking, tale.  Realmommaramblings crafted her story in such a way that you feel the wife’s pain and husband’s desperation from the get-go. I had tears in my eyes by the time she crawled onto the gurney.  I particularly liked the ethereal tone of the husband and his otherworld companion. Nicely done.

I loved how this story unfolded with little trickles of information until the reader learns of a prophecy and the twist is unveiled – the Colonel knew all along. A very entertaining read and a creative use of the prompt.

I’ve witnessed a loved one’s memory diminish with time and this is a beautiful, heart wrenching take on the experience. I loved the imagery of a husband keeping his wife’s memories safe in their home and garden. With this piece, it was easy to read the love the two of them had and continue to have for one another. Just, lovely.

Geoff Holme
Nice little vignette. I love wise old owls and their progeny. Geoff did a good job of creating a tale with such few words.

Special Challenge Champion - Emily Clayton
Wonderful writing, I especially liked “The cat is on the prowl, sharp dagger claws tapping out their death march on the creaking, warping hardwood floors.” I could both see and hear Beatrix stalking prey at night. I did feel a bit bad for the mouse in the end but you wrote Beatrix’s satisfaction well. Great job.

Grand Champion - Steph Ellis

Steph wrote a fantastic piece of horror this week, taking us on the mask’s journey from abandonment to hunter. It was a lovely use of the prompt and as the suspense grew so did my own enjoyment. “An evil face etched in leather grinned at her” gave me chills! Wonderful work. I may be afraid of leather masks for some time.

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