Wednesday, December 24, 2014


Merry Christmas Eve!!! Our judge is amazing and managed to speed off her decisions before the festivities started, so now I get to post them for you as well! If you missed reading any of the entries, go here. Otherwise, read on to see what the judge had to say:

I’ll keep this brief since it’s the holidays – happy holidays, if you’re celebrating!

A True Learning Experience
By Mark Driskill

There were some important lessons learned by the characters in this one, and I loved the finale. I hope the taco experiment yields good results.

How Uncle Vern Found Work
By Foy, d.b.

Loved this take on the prompt, particularly the twist at the end. Uncle Vern is a delightful character and it’s a touching story of true love and emus.

Thank You
By Anna Elizabeth

This was a lovely tale, and the whiskey was incorporated in a sweet way. The opening paragraph about their family camping trips was lovely.


A Study of Everything
By Amy Wood

Any story that begins with an emu in a classroom is okay by me. The ending was grim, but with a glimmer of hope as well. I especially liked the use of the juggling bear as the foundation of the universe.


Christmas Joy
By Michael Simko

This one’s fun because a four-legged friend is the main character. It’s war out there and our hero (anti-hero?) is determined to win. I like the subtlety of the narration and it stood out as the winner from the beginning.

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