Wednesday, September 17, 2014


Phew! I think I may still be dripping with pie filling and crust...Yum! :) If you missed any of the entries, go check them out here. I you want to know what our judge thought of those entries... keep reading! :) Congratulations to all!

mysoulstears, Untitled: I enjoyed your twist of a demon making the man kill the people. Favorite line: "Instead, I studied the details of their flapping wings as they moved in slow motion."

Rebekah Postupak, The Date: Loved the dialogue between your characters, nice to know that even other species can have horrible first blind dates. Favorite line: "Ant germs are not a threat I find concerning."

Casey Rose, A Good Hostess: Brought back childhood memories of some food fights between my siblings and myself. Enjoyed your description of the picnic. Chuckled at the brother being a ninja. Favorite line: "Fury took over as I sunk my white gloves into the depths of the ruined red pie, grabbed a handful and flung it into my brother's face."

S. Todd Strader, Preeminent Turpitude: Loved the title. I must admit (blushes with shame) that I did have to look up "turpitude" as I was unfamiliar with the word. Favorite line: "You cannot just incoherently string words together and call it fiction."

justpratibha, A Tall order: I loved the concept of invisible fire. Favorite line: "Is there any school that teaches not to step in the forest of invisible fire?"

geofflepard, Untitled: I got a good laugh over  the "magic "mushrooms. Favorite line: "Instantly the bushes thrashed and the bough of a tree cracked as a gangly and oddly dressed wolf struggled into our clearing."

JM MacF, The Last Piece of Pi: I love a good pun so yes, pi in all its geeky detail counts! I liked the way they were using pi to fight over the pie. Favorit line: "Nah. let 'em experience Alberta in all its glory."

christianflashweekly, The Art of Persuasion: Enjoyed your SciFi twist. Favorit line: "I also smiled that they had created and hidden an escape plan, right beside where our blanket would be put."

@goldzco21, Love and Picnics: I liked your lover's triangle. Favorite line: "An explosion of cream, walnuts, and pie crust flew everywhere."

Special Challenge Runner Up: Casey Rose, A Good Hostess. Loved the interaction between the siblings and your description of the pie's demise.

Special Challenge Champion: JM MacF, The Last Piece of Pi. Geeks of the world unite!

Grand Champion: Rebekah Postupak, The Date. You had me with:" It's just an ant." The germaphobic dragon was just too much!

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